If we have missed anything please contact us at Queeries@PrideFlagSD.com and we will get back to you ASAP!

We are one of the only Queer owned flag companies in the US. When you shop with us you are supporting a Queer business and a locally run business in San Diego. We take great pride in creating high quality flags because they are the same flags we fly. We’re pushing back against big box stores and online behemoths that profit off of the LGBTQIA+ community and only celebrate pride once a year. We started Pride Flag SD because we wanted to create a flag you could be proud to fly.

Flag looking a little dirty? Feel free to throw it in the wash on a gentle-cold cycle and then hang dry. If you are displaying your flag on a wall or indoors we recommend steaming it or ironing it on a low setting. We also recommend surrounding your flag with good vibes.

Our flags are hand-sewn with durability in mind, we even add an extra row of stitching to reinforce edges. If you are flying your flag outside in a moderate climate your flag should last an entire season. If you are hanging your flag indoors or in a protected area your flag could last years depending on its exposure to sunlight.

We only use the highest quality flag grade materials. We use 200 denier Nylon, which is waterproof and weather resistant. The fabric goes through an extensive dyeing process that includes a UV coating. For easy display, the flags are finished with a canvas header and brass grommets. All of our flags are hand-sewn in San Diego and the colors are equally bright on both sides.

We’ve got you covered. All of our flags are easily customizable. We can add different stripes, play with different sizes, or even help you create a pride flag that doesn’t exist yet. There’s really no limit to what we can do. While we specialize in hand-sewn flags we also have the ability to produce digitally printed flags if you’re requesting a complex graphic. Fill out our custom order contact form and let’s get started.

We offer a variety of sizes:

-2' x 3' and 2.5' x 4'  Perfect for carrying in a parade or putting up inside

-3' x 5' and 4' x 6'  These larger sizes are good for flagpoles or outrigger poles 

-5' x 8'  This is our largest flag, it's visible from far away, great for a business or on a big float

Our flags are hand-sewn using high quality materials. We believe that producing flags the right way is worth it, and that includes paying livable wages. We rely on a team that hand sews each flag and we value their time and craft. Most pride flags found online are cheaply printed or mass produced overseas. We understand accessibility is important to our community but we also encourage our customers to do their research. Whether buying a flag from us or another business. So many Rainbow flags are produced by companies that do not support the community or from countries that persecute their LGBTQIA+ citizens. We take great Pride in our community and we carry that into everything we do.