Hand Sewn Progress Pride Flag

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A reboot of the LGBTQ Pride flag with an emphasis on inclusion and progression. The background of the flag includes the traditional 6 stripe rainbow LGBTQ flag as well as the Transgender blue white and pink stripes and the black and brown stripes of the Philadelphia pride flag.

What began as a reboot of the Pride Flag, has evolved into the Progress Initiative. A message and movement, giving back to those most in need within our community. When this item is purchased you are helping to fund an LGBTQ organization in need with 25% of proceeds.

This design was created by “Progress” Pride Flag Daniel Quasar,
Here is the link to the Progress Initiative page (

CC License

Hand made in America

Ships to US, UK, and Canada


-Nylon stripes, canvas header, brass grommets

-Stripe colors, Blue, Pink, White, Black, Brown, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Royal Blue, Purple

-Hand sewn in San Diego, CA

-Flags available in multiple sizes