Gilbert Baker's Original Rainbow Flag

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Nothing beats the original.

This is Gilbert Baker's design for the first Rainbow Flag.

This is a tribute to Mr. Baker.


The long and the short of it:

Back in 1978 Gilbert Baker designed the first rainbow flag. He was a friend of Harvey Milk and worked alongside him in the Castro. His original design included 8-stripes, as opposed to the 6-stripe rainbow flag we usually see today. Unfortunately it was hard for manufacturers back in the day to find hot pink and turquoise fabric. Those colors were then left off the flag and it evolved into a 6-stripe rainbow flag. Here at Pride Flag SD, we've recreated Gilbert Baker's original design. This flag features the same 8-stripe colors as the original. This is our tribute to Gilbert Baker. Our flags are all hand sewn, and all in the same style as the original. 


-Nylon stripes, canvas header, brass grommets

-Stripe Colors, Hot Pink, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Turquoise, Royal Blue, Purple.

-Hand sewn in San Diego, CA

-Available in multiple sizes