Our first blog ever!

Our first blog ever!

Posted by Maddy Russell on Apr 12th 2018

I know what you're thinking... Who is Pride Flag SD? Why do I care? Is this information relevant to me? Why am I so inquisitive lately?

Maddy Russell here, and I've got some answers for you. Maybe not to the last question though, that's on you.

This is the story so far...

When you’re Queer, and the family business is Flag making.. It kind of just makes sense.

Pride Flag SD is the beautiful gay little baby of the custom flag manufacturer Sunward Flag. Started by yours truly. The same expertly crafted hand-sewn flags, just a little more colorful and Queer. Say goodbye to that cheap printed rainbow flag you bought at Pride last year. We know you wore it as a cape, and everyone saw that guy spill a vodka cranberry on it. It’s no wonder why that same flag dyed all your clothes red when you washed it. No more cheaply printed Rainbow Pride Flags. We’re here, and we’re doing it better. Gilbert Baker sewed the stripes of the first Rainbow flag and we intend to continue his legacy. All of our flags feature sewn stripes, a canvas header, and brass grommets. We have taken his style and applied it to every Queer flag we create.

In more turbulent times, we know how important representation is, and we’re here to help you represent yourself and the community. Show off your pride with a flag you can truly be proud to fly.