Aromantic Pride Flag

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The most recent design for the Aromantic Flag.

The greens represent the Aro Spectrum.

The white is the platonic stripe.

The black and grey reflect the sexuality spectrum.

There isn't one way to be Aromantic, and the Aromantic flag represents that.

These colors represent the beauty and diversity within the Aro community.


The design for our current Aromantic flag is just the latest that has been accepted by the community. We understand there are various versions and possibly different future designs.

If you feel you would like to adjust your flag design, we are more than happy to help. Fill out a custom order form and we will get back to you shortly.



-Nylon stripes, canvas header, brass grommets

-Stripe Colors, Dark Green, light green, white, gray, and black

-Hand sewn in San Diego, CA

-Available in multiple sizes